Here's our Architects USPs' (the things we do that others don't)

  • Not only do we design we can also build you home for you too. You can then rest assured with a trusted RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice looking after the build as well as the design
  • We make things easy for you by giving you a total turn key solution taking care of every aspect of your property development ensuring its affordable at every stage
  • We dispel all your property development concerns and stress by taking care of everything for you - Others don't do this - they design it, get your approvals and move onto their next project
  • We save you time and stress - We don't just design and get you planning permission we manage everything on your behalf including everyone else involved in the property development process
  • We provide you with a complete one stop, turn key solution so you don't have to worry about appointing others like Building Control and Thames Water and paying their fees separately - we do it all for you - Others don't - they give you a design, submit it for planning permission and leave you to it - I can assure you there is a lot more to it
  • We will do as many design options as it takes - there is always more than one way to achieve your dream home - Others don't do this - they give you one and that's it
  • We design to your budget and give you estimated build costs for each design option making sure that your project is always affordable - Others don't do this - they hope for the best that their one design will come in on budget when the builders price for the work - this is an irresponsible approach in our opinion - you need to be fully informed about cost to make a decision on the right design option to choose - each one will differ in cost - its important we get it right
  • We will make sure that together we have thought of every possible way to give you an affordable dream home - as I say there's always more than one way to do it. We will adjust our designs or do more options as necessary if your circumstances change and your budget reduces - Others don't do this, they will want to be paid more money for further design development. This is crazy - if we don't reduce the design somewhat to meet your budget then it will never get built and everything was for nothing. We must give you your new home at what you can afford what ever happens
  • We give you the design you want and works for you by involving you at every stage of the design process allowing you to have your design ideas incorporated - others are less flexible with their designs
  • We save you money by designing and specifying every little detail upfront including electrical sockets, lights, switches, radiators, drainage, basically everything so that nothing is left to chance and builders don't come back for more money later because they have only priced 6 spot lights rather than the 20 that were required - others don't draw this level of detail and will cost you more in the long run when the builders start work on site
  • We save you even more money by drawing how the lights are to be wired so there can be no confusion as to how the system is to work. This leaves nothing to chance when the builders are pricing - Others dont do this costing you more money in the end
  • We save you even more money by scheduling out the doors and ironmongery so the builder doesn't even have to guess at these requirements either. Again leaving nothing to chance when the builders are pricing - Others dont do this leaving things to chance and assuming the builder will know whats required - believe me he won't
  • We guarantee quality, attention to detail and value for money by tendering the project for you with our approved builders ensuring you get the right builder at the right price - Others don't do this - once designed and approved your're on your own
  • Your project could end up being free - We have paid out over £4000 (£150 per referral) to our clients as a thankyou for recommending us to their friends and family. One client has referred so much work his project ended up effectively free of charge!

Here we outline exactly everything you need to know about extending your home and how the process works...

  1. We start the whole thing off by meeting with you at your property and carrying out a completely free, no obligation design consultation where you tell us what you need and we explain what is possible. This can take as long as you want - its more important for us both to be completely happy and coherent in what we are trying to achieve.
  2. From this meeting we produce the design brief and proposal which is our understanding of what you want to achieve in terms of aesthetics, rooms, layout etc basically the things that are important for you to achieve by developing your property. The brief also ensures we have understood exactly what you want. You can amend or change this at any time up until we start the designs.
  3. After we agree the brief and you sign off the proposal we will then carry out a full measured survey of your existing property.
  4. We will then draw up existing plan layouts and elevations all in AutoCAD so things can be easily changed or adjusted if necessary rather than the old way by hand which is a nightmare to change anything and costs you more time and money.
  5. We will then draw several plan layout options and present these to you in person so you are actively involved in the design process and you get exactly what you want.
  6. We will do as many options as you want at no extra cost.
  7. Together we will pick the best bits of all these plan layout options, mash them up together and come up with a final plan layout that we are sure you will be happy with.
  8. We will draw up this final plan layout design and present it to you in person for sign off.
  9. Even if you think of something else at this stage – not a problem lets incorporate that now as well.
  10. We will then draw up what it will look like on the outside (the proposed elevations), how it blends in with the existing property and make any amendments to the outside that you may want at this stage.
  11. We will then add lots more technical detail, consult your local planning officer on your behalf, complete all forms and make the planning application to your local council for you.
  12. Our drawings are normally sufficiently detailed at this stage to also make the building control application.
  13. However whether we make the building control application now or later depends on how likely the planning application is to get passed on the first go.
  14. When the planning application is approved (typically 8 weeks) if we have not already made the building control approval application we will make it now.
  15. We often recommend using an Approved Building Control Inspector who act independently from the council and who tend to work with you to make sure your building work is safe and sound whilst thinking a little more commercially sympathetic. We will appoint these guys on your behalf so you don’t need to worry about that either.
  16. At the same time we will get the structural engineer to carry out the structural design and calculations and submit this to Building Control also.
  17. We will then email these construction drawings/Building Control drawings and structural details to at least 4 local approved builders and your preferred or recommended builders for them to price the building works.
  18. Once Building control approval is achieved (typically 2 weeks) you can start the work.
  19. During the works we will deal with all builders design queries. We will never leave you to deal with design matters on your own.
  20. We can take this even further for you and give you a totally risk free Project Management Service if you prefer for us to deal with the builders. We will analyse the quotes received in detail to ensure nothing has been missed and they are not overcharging you. We will issue you with a full report on the tenders received and provide recommendations as to who should be appointed to carry out the work (and it isn’t always the cheapest that’s best!). We will place orders and contracts as necessary to safeguard you when the work commences in the unlikely event the builder fails in his work or is running late. As the building work progresses we will make sure they are not running behind or running over budget and are building to a high quality standard throughout the works. Basically you don’t need to worry about anything, we will take care of it all. This is an optional service that is worth thinking about if you want total piece of mind or are worried about builders.

Here's how we give you the best home possible for your money risk free…

To ensure you get the absolute best design that you are completely happy with it is important we complete several layout options for you to consider. We will work through these options together taking the best from each one and coming up with a final design that you are completely happy with. This is a unique part of our service. Most architectural services will design you one option on a take it or leave it basis. We want to make sure that together we have thought of everything and the only way to do this is to present several layouts that will meet your requirements in different ways.

We also provide budget costs relating to each layout option to give indicative construction costs in advance of tender returns from contractors. This is beneficial to determine if the scheme needs to be adjusted in size or complexity to meet your budget expectation in advance of appointing building contractors to price. This is also a unique part of our service and not normally offered by architectural designers. To us this is an absolute essential part of the service – there is no point us designing you something that you cannot afford. Builders prices fluctuate for various reasons but we are comfortable that our budget estimates are representative of industry standard costs. This de-risks the financial investment for you.

We pride ourselves in the amount of detail and specification we include in our construction designs and as part of our service we also carry out full Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting and Drainage designs. We also provide a full door schedule including ironmongery requirements for each door. Ultimately this reduces risk and cost for our clients as the building contractor has all the information they require to provide an accurate quotation from the outset. This leaves nothing to chance and ensures your construction budget is never exceeded throughout the build as a result of inadequate or insufficient information provided at the design stage.

You can rest assured that your development is in safe hands and that you will always be covered in the unlikely event anything should go wrong. As a Limited Company we carry full Employers, Public and Products Liability insurance up to £2,000,000 and Professional Indemnity insurance up to £250,000. We also ensure that any contractors we use have suitable Public and Employers Liability also (They don’t need Professional Indemnity).

We always give a full breakdown of our fees so you can see exactly what you are paying for up front. It is worth noting that every project we have completed to date has increased the value of the property beyond the cost of design and build. Even if your circumstances change; having planning permission for an extension to your house alone will increase the value of your property beyond the fee cost. So whatever way you do it - investing money on your home is the safest investment you can possibly make.

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