Experience in Securing Planning Permission

Renovating your home, changing room layouts, or even adding an extension all present you with the opportunity to create the home you always dreamed of. Why move when there is so much potential with the current home that you love.

Having your house extension fully designed and planned out properly by our architects and home design experts from the outset is key to a successful building project that meets your budget expectations.

At The Architects Of London, we know this entails securing the necessary planning permission from local councils and authorities. We also know that, for those lacking the experience of securing planning permission, this can prove a slow and stressful process, leaving you to worry over the plans for your home and escalating costs. That’s why, when you work with the experienced architects at The Architects Of London, we’ll ensure that we use our knowledge and local expertise to secure the requisite planning permission for your home with the minimum of hassle.

Meeting Local Planning Permission Criteria

Such is our relationship working with various councils across London, and the pedigree of the architectural design services we provide, you can rest assured that the planning permission experience we have is second to none. Our team of architects are fully aware of the precise requirements demanded by planning officers in the region and will tailor designs and plans to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

Leading Architects and Home Designers

Knowing precisely what you want for your home, and precisely what can be achieved is never easy, and the costs often associated with home renovations and extensions may well prove daunting. With our architects at The Architects Of London, achieving the home of your dreams becomes reality easier than you think.

We manage all planning permission and building control processes for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Go for our Halo Design and Build service and absolutely everything is taken care of including the building works all under one roof by us. This allows you to get on with your busy lifestyle stress-free.  We even pay for all the necessary applications on your behalf. Gone are the days when huge architectural design fees can be charged. We believe our competitive fee structure reflective of real-time and cost should be available to all homeowners nationwide, hence why we have a very clear competitive price list that is the same for everyone no matter where you are in the country.

Communication with the local planning authorities

Working with The Architects Of London you are guaranteed a fast track property development solution that cuts through all the red tape. Our architects and home designers based right here in London will produce detailed accurate house plans that complement the surroundings and meet council restrictions. We believe that a major contributor to successful home renovations and house extensions is communication. Unlike many other companies, we will be in constant contact with you and your local planning officer throughout the duration of your project, leaving you free to relax and look forward to the beautiful new additions to your home.

Contact The Architects Of London Today

For more information on our architects and design services offered by The Architects Of London, as well as the processes we undertake to ensure compliance with local authority planning permission and building regulations, contact us today on 0203 930 9093. Alternatively, why not submit an online enquiry form? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide information on how to successfully renovate your home stress-free.

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