Building a new bedroom

Home renovations and improvements are one of the most effective ways to stamp your own personality onto a property. And, whether it’s to provide a contemporary, modern look, or to accommodate a growing family, a new bedroom extension is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your home and give you that additional space you need.

At The Architects Of London, we have the skill and expertise necessary to help you realise exactly what it is you need from your new bedroom extension. Regardless of the space, you have available at home, we can help you transform your home to create that added bedroom, playroom or nursery you need.

Check out Zoopla for the prices of properties in your road that have the extra bedroom to see for yourself how much value you can add to your property.

Bedroom extension architects in London

Thanks to our location in London, we’re able to provide our building extension services to homeowners throughout the London area. Our friendly team will adopt a unique approach to help you create an amazing new bedroom that is spacious, utilises all available storage and is affordable even with your own private dressing room and ensuite if necessary.

From children’s rooms featuring abundant space for toys and games to converting one room into two to maximise space and privacy, our bedroom extension design services are able to accommodate all types of homes and all types of budgets. In addition, we know how to flood a room with natural light to accentuate the space available within a bedroom, and have the creative nous to put together colour schemes and interior design features that fit your mood and personality perfectly.

Maybe you want your new bedroom to be your master bedroom. Often we add double glass french doors and glass Juliet balconies to maximise natural light into master bedrooms. Further adding Ensuites and Dressing rooms can make this a real special place just for you to relax and enjoy away from the hussle and bustle of the rest of the house.

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The bedroom extension services available from The Architects Of London will enable you to work alongside experienced and friendly architects in creating a new bedroom - one that matches you and your tastes.

To find out more about how we can help create the perfect bedroom extension and help add value to both your quality of living and the value of your home, simply submit an online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, you can call us on 0203 930 9093 to discuss your options with one of our team today.

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