It’s easy to simply live in a property and accept it as it is, but to add a touch of your own personality means injecting life into your home and create space that boosts your quality of living. Even if you only have a small property, the options available to you are quite extensive. With small bedroom design services from The Architects Of London, you can maximise the space available and let your creativity and personality shine.

Planning a small bedroom design

Planning a small bedroom may seem like a challenge to begin with, but once the potential is realised, it becomes a project that is fun, easy, and enjoyable. By working with the architectural designers at The Architects Of London, you have the chance to develop imaginative and intelligent spaces that free up floor space and provide storage space that is unobtrusive and practical.

In addition, the experience we have in small bedroom design means we know how to convert a small living space into something bigger by making the most of best practice design. By reworking a room to ensure that natural light floods the living area, a transformation into what feels like a bigger room is almost instantaneous. Similarly, clever lighting and colour schemes enable you to optimise the appearance of a small bedroom, with bright light colours adding an airy feel.

Glass French doors and glass Juliet balconies again bring the outside in and add to the whole feel of spaciousness and nature.

The Architects Of London small bedroom extensions

At The Architects Of London, we are experienced in helping homeowners throughout London, in making the most of a small bedroom. By contacting our team today and sitting down to discuss the options available, you can anticipate transforming what may feel like a box room into something altogether more practical and spacious.

Learn how we can help extend your home

To discover more about how The Architects Of London can help transform your small bedroom into one that offers much more, call our team today on 0203 930 9093, or submit an online enquiry form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our small bedroom extension services.

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