Loft Plans and Design

A loft conversion represents the best way for many homeowners to increase the liveable space in their property without having to construct an entire extension. Instead, making the most of existing space in your home can be achieved by converting the attic into a usable area. Whether it’s an additional bedroom, a new bathroom or Ensuite, or even an office space, a loft conversion not only adds additional needed space to your home, but also increases the resale value when it’s time to sell.

With The Architects Of London, transforming your loft into a practical living area is conducted by a team of vastly experienced professionals local to you. Experienced and knowledgeable in how it all works throughout London, we will give you detailed loft plans and loft conversion designs that give you extra space you need keeping you fully compliant with the regulations every step of the way.

Comprehensive Loft Plans

The architectural designers at The Architects Of London are hugely experienced in developing detailed loft plans for your home. From the very first consultation – available free when you contact us – to installing the very last component of your loft conversion, we will work alongside you and your builders, to ensure every requirement is fulfilled.

All the loft conversion plans we draw up will be submitted to your local planning and building control authority for approval. Thanks to the exceptional relationships fostered with council authorities across London, we ensure that the process for approval of your loft plans and loft conversion designs is as hassle and stress free for you as possible. We also ensure your loft plans and loft conversion design are fully compliant with the latest building regulations, thereby mitigating the potential for disappointment.

Loft plans for any home

Regardless of the size and condition of your property, we’re confident that drawing up loft plans and a loft conversion design to convert your attic space will prove easy. Particularly if you already have good head height available in your existing loft space. We take pride in working alongside you to identify the best opportunities for maximising light, space, ventilation, and heating, that work best for you whilst delivering best value for money. Turning your current loft into a modern living space couldn’t be simpler or more cost-effective than with The Architects Of London.

For your free consultation and to discuss loft plans and loft conversion designs for your home, simply contact our friendly team today by submitting an online enquiry form. Should you prefer to speak to someone immediately, why not call us on 0203 930 9093? We’ll be more than happy to discuss how we can work together in drawing up loft plans that add value to your home.

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