Here's how our unique approach to developing your property makes it easier for you...

  • We will provide you with as many design options as necessary to give you your dream home no matter how long it takes
  • You can sit back and relax we will hold your hand through the entire process
  • Your property development will be stress free we deal with everything for you including builders
  • You don't need to worry about all the red tape we will get all the necessary planning permissions and building control approvals for you
  • No more concerns about cost we will get at least 3 reputable builders that we trust and have worked with over the years to price your project ensuring you get value for money
  • Hassle free - we will make all the necessary arrangements and meet the builders on your behalf
  • Our unique Design & Build Service gives you a risk free one stop shop solution using an RIBA Chartered Practice
  • Stress free property development when we manage the works and deal with the builders through the whole process so you don't have to

Subliminal to everything we do is superior architectural design craftsmanship that ooze the modernity of purpose with bespoke design work tailored to the individual lifestyles of each client.

Glenn Williams BSc (Hons) MCIOB MBEng MCABE Founder/Managing Director

A property design by The Architects Of London comprises a classic elegant twist on modernistic design principles always with respect for the character and story of the building.

To me property design is the artistic expression of your inner desire and intent represented in the building structure, interior design of fabrics, colours, touch and feel. The most successful design is where these elements fuse together providing a harmonious interior and exterior look and feel that radiates luxury, warmth and fulfilment. Creating a place of sanctuary, a place you can be proud of, a place you love to spend time is our ultimate aim.

But key amongst all this is functionality, buildability and practicality. In other words creating properties that not only look amazing but actually work with spaces that flow promoting social experiences with friends and family whilst retaining privacy in key areas. But all this still with an eye on reality ensuring it is actually buildable and that the master craftsmen we employ on the build side can make our combined vision reality.

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  • Detail on what will bring you most value
  • How to avoid cowboy builders
  • Industry secrets you need to know
  • All the steps involved in extending your home
  • Everything you need to know to create your dream home

Why Choose The Architects Of London

Experts in London Luxury Home Design and Building
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Best designs from best in industry
You get several designs in 3D, not just one
Only London based RIBA Chartered Practice that will Design and Build for you
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